Friday, February 20, 2009


ble dh bwat blog..
kwnku rossa dh sdarkn driku..
title th act. x suit ngan bnde yg dh d'post..
title twilight fever..
ptotnye kne tkar robert pattinson obssesion..
myb ngah mangat sgt nk tulis twilight smpi bnde lan x pk..

lgu nh pon inspired by the novel new moon..
sdeyh btol ed tgglkn bella for  months..

+*+*what hurts the most..was being so closed+*+*
and having so much to say
and watchin' you walk away
never knowing..what could have been
and not seeing that lovin' you
+*+*is what i was trying to do+*+*

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