Thursday, February 19, 2009

new moon...

EDWARD IS DUMPING BELLA??!! moon nh is da next sequel of twilight..
new cast..hmm??r they gonna keep the old cast..or hire new ones??
directior twilight pon dh bru..chris weitz..cast yg len xtaw aa..
ad rumours ckp ed will be played by another actor but not rob. pattinson???
waaa..nanges sume twilight fans klu cm2..
so stu ari..shasha pon view aa kristen's myspace..
n ad sorg dak pompuan ckp..btol ke rumours th??yg ed bkn rob??
n kristen ckp..x..they r still keeping rob..n dier ckp..i wouldn't do the movie if rob is not playing ed
rob pon sndri ckp b4 nh yg one of the reason dier g audition ntok role edward cullen psal kristen b'lakon..n rob ckp she is the best actress in her generation..sweetness alert!!!
hikhik..seriously..just can't enough of them..their chemistry on and off screen mmg..magic aa..
tpi psal spe yg men ed ponye role 4 new moon x jdi headline sgt..
psal logically..the director wouldn't be that dumb to replace rob as ed..hell no!!
instead,,the role jacob has made one of the hottest taylor lautner still jacob??
or  is someone else replacing that role..
they are reasons why jacob's role had made the headlines coz..
in the novel..jacod is described as someone with strong physique,,tall..6 
 he should hve those strong characeristics cz he is a werewolf..
meanwhile,,in reality,,taylor is young,,he is quite small to play jacob..
but no worries for those who are in tean jake cz it's confirmed by the new director that taylor remains jacob....hooray!!..even team ed,,me myself...i dun want anybody to replace taylor.. far..xde trailer psal new moon..coz..4 sure aa diorg still shooting new moon..
tpi klu tgok youtube..b'lmbak new moon trailer..but dun get me wrong..psal sume nye fanmade..
so kudos kt sume..w'pon tu bkn original..but still bole agak aa jln cter dier..
psal beribu2 org dh bce new moon..i bet there r tons of fans hve read the whole sequel..
so bole aa bwat sndri pnye trailer kn???

ok aa..let's bounce to new moon..intro..bella dh 18..tpi dier x suke kecoh2 mse b'day dier..even alice nk wish dier kt skul pon dier soh snyp..psal dier xmo org nh x suke org kasik dier fancy gifts..tpi bpak bella charlie kasik dier camera..
b4 g skul byk aa gak gmbr dier amek..ed amekkn gmbr bella ngan charlie..pas2 charlie amekkn gmbr bella ngan ed..tpi 1st snap bella amek..gmbr ed aa..w'pon dh b'bulan diorg knal..bella still amazed ngan ed's physique..esp. jaw line dier..n his liquid topaz eyes..
afta skul..dier clbrate b'day dier kt the cullen's crib..ed ckp kt dier xmo bella miss any ' human xperience' in life..sbb th aa dier soh gak bella smbot b'day..
kt twilight plak..ed bwk gak bella g prom w'pon bella x dier xmo bella miss any important, memorable occasion dlm idop..sweet kn..dier nk bella lead a memorable human life..

k2..smpi kt umah the cullens..mmg happening gle aa decoration dier..sume b'iyer nk clbrate b'day bella..ed menkn dier piano kt living room cm2 aa..piece yg dier men fav mak ed..esmee..
afta th diorg soh bella bkak presents..xkn dier t'luke psal papercut..pas2 cner ntah t'jatoh n ad kcc t'masok tgn dier..mmg chaos aa mse th..sume keco..lgi trok ble dier kt house full of vamps..luke..b'darah..sume kne thn nafsu..pas2 one of the cullens x thn ngan bau..which is jasper..pas2 dier cm nk g towards bella tpi ed smpat hlg dier aa..susa bgi jasper cz dier bru kt family th..even esmee mak diorg pon tros g tmpat len psal x thn ngan darah..btape susanye nk control thirst diorg..
afta th ed bw bell g dapur..dr.carlisle bpak ed kn doc. so dier ubatkn bella..ed cm malu gler aa psal family dier bwat cm2..carlisle soh dier g tmpat len..mse carlisle ckp aa asal usul ed mse human n cner dier tkar ed jdi vamp..

afta incident th..ed bw bella blek umah..afta dh siap2 ed pon msok aa bilek dier as usual..
pas2 bella pon nk stat aa bukak present sume..
tpi ed cpat2 amek dri bella cz dier xmo bella ad papercut t'luke lgi..bak kte ed..bella nh danger magnet..tgok sweet lgi..
1st dier bukak esmee nye hadiah..bella suke sgt heart bracelete yg esmee kasik..pas2 ed menyesal n ckp..klu dier tahu bella suke hadiah cm2..dh lme dier spend byk duit kt bella..almaklomlh ed taw bella x suke org spend byk ntok dier x bli aa smthng costly..
then dier bukak yg 2nd..ed pnye..ed kasik dier cd..pas2 ed ckp klu bole dier nk blikn piano nk menkn ntok bella..tpi takot bella x suke..sp dier record playing dier dlm cd instead..
mse bella dgr..dier nanges..ed tnye dier npe..
bella ckp piece yg dier men th beautiful..
pas2 ed soh dier tdo..ed hum kt dier smthing..bella's lullaby..bella plak ltak tgn dier yg luke th kt edward's chest so nnt luke dier better..psal ed pnye skin kn sjok..vamp..bese aa..

esoknye ed cm senyap jek..xcm dlu..afta skul..dier bw bella g kt hutan..n ed ckp dier nk tgglkn bella..something sort of i don't love u anymore..act like i never exist in your life..x smpat bella ckp pape..ed x lenyap cm2 jek..cm2 je..
dri situlh timbolnye tagline bgi new moon..yg d'bwat oleh fan sume kt trailer diorg..
klu kt twilight..'when u can live forever, what do u live for'
new moon pnye ' what do you do if ur reason for being. doesn't want u anymore'
lbeyh krg cm2 aa..
pas2 bile bella blek umah..dier tgok sume hadiah dier gmbr dier yg dier dh cuci ngan ed dh xde..ed mmg meant what he says..'like i never exist'
mse bce th rse sdeyh lost psal ed dh xde lnsg kt idop..even memories pon xde..
dlm hati b'kte..cmner ed sggp bwat ed tgglkn bella 4 bln..october..november..dec..jan.
huish..lme btol..sian bella..
but bella dier still goes on with her life..
mmg dier bwatpe yg ed soh..mcm ed x pnah mncol dlm idop..
even nme ed pon dier x sbot..shasha mse bce th cm..adoi..xkn aa nme dier pon x ckp..
cm..shasha sure aa spe yg bce pon rindu nk bce enen nmde edward cullen..klu dier ckp pon..dier ckp 'his'..'him'...sdeyh aa..

dri cni aa jacob black menyinar..bella spend most of her time ngan bestfriend dier jake..
bella lgi close ngan jake dri ngan schoolmates dier..
pe yg plek..bile dier ngan jake..dier rse epi everyday dier mmg looking forward nk jmpe jake..dier try nk nek motor n blaja dri the same time..dier dgr ad sumone whisper kt dier..dier recognize sore org th..pas2 dier bwat theory sndri..afta observe..dier sdar evrytime dier nk bwat bnde bhye n bodo yg bole affect dri dier ..sore th pon dtg. ntok stop dier dri bwat ape yg dier nk bwat..
tpi lme2 jake cm len..dier bkn jake yg friendly dier knal..dier cm mkin muscular, arrogant..ganas..
dier pn musykil aa..jake xmo gtaw bella tpi dier nk bella pk sndri psal mse kt twilight
jake ad cter smthng psal asal usul family dier n the cullens..Quilette legends
afta bella recall pe yg jake ckp dlu..dier bru igt jake ckp great-great grandfather dier descended from bingo!!!jake is a werewolve..dier pon plek aa bkn ke werewolve tkar ble full moon..jake ckp sume myth..act diorg akn tkat werewolf ble enemy diorg dtg..iaitu vampire..
rpe2nye ad vamp nme victoria nk revenge towards the death of her mate...james..dlu mse bella kne attack ngan james kt twilight ed yg bunoh victoria nh bngg aa n nk bunoh bella..

pas2..xmo ckp pnjg..nnt bosan bce plak..klu nk bce jek.tpi korunk bole jek tgok blog nh: ntok xperience bce sndri..tpi ad part slalunye intro xde..kdg2 tros part 9 ke whatsoever..tpi still bole bce kn..klu lgi sng..bli aa buku's worth buying..

who's on team ed..korunk bek b'saba nk tggu dier nye appearance or he might not appear at all..and bella end up being a werewolf girl with jake..haha..

lastly..i wish all the best to chris weitz in filming new moon.n hrp2 sume cast bkl kasik impact yg bsar sbgaimne yg diorg dh kasik kt twilight..even bigger!!!!

keep supporting the twilight saga!!!



  1. sha,,
    thrill anda teserlah!!!!
    bwk b'saba...
    kte tggu newmoon sesame!!!

  2. trime kaseh krne memahami ape yg sye rse!!!
    yeah..mri kte sme2 mnggu kemunculan new moon!!

  3. sha.
    sambong a.
    smpai abes.
    mlas nk bc sndri.

    please :(


  4. hahhaa. sha. best2. tulis lagi. hahhha. mals bace gak/ muvi new moon ade x? hahhaa. tataw la.

  5. okie..akn ku smbg..
    tpi kne saba sket..
    psal nk ad ilham..
    nk pk mne yg kne amek dri novel..bia korunk thrill..(hrp2 kdi..psal shasha mmg x reti summarize cte)..
    klu orally..shasha cter tunggang langgang..
    psal movie dun
    this jun, july or aug..
    klu shasha rajen..shasha ltak aa trailer fan made pnye aa..
    pape we'll see..
    tpi shasha try bwat..

  6. adoii sha..baru jmpe ur blog..diorg nh mmg mls ek nk bace?? moon xyah bace..wt saket ati je..ahaha..keep supporting twilight saga!!