Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the twilight saga..

'if you can live forever..what do you live for...'
the famous tagline..or should i say the quote used in twilight...

haish..mse tgok trailer dier kt tv..mmg btol2 looking forward aa nk tgok nh..
ntah npe..apsal ek..nk kte taw flow..xde idea lnsg..i only had the idea of a teenage girl who falls in love with an immortal creature..a bloodsucker..a vampire..jdi bile dh tgok trailer kt movie..
so cpat2 aa mengadap comp..bwatpe lgi..tgok u-tube aa cri trailer dier..cri site pape jz for da sake nk taw storyline twilight..mmg ad goosebumps aa bler tgok..pndi aa org yg bwat trailer nh psal amek certain clips yg best..suspense ntok attract rmi audience..

sekali x ckop tgok twilight..psal mse 1st time g th 45 min lmbt..bygkn btape lmbtnye smpi cinema..jdi g a 2nd time..waaahh..bru puas dpt tgok whole movie..mmg thrill abes org smpi tgok 6 kali..dier ckp da movie just gets better everytime isee it..gler aa..6 kali tgok..

so..ckp psal twilight nh..basically it's a love story..tpi x ordinary aa..psal vamp ngan human kn??
dier mcm cter romoe+juliet tpi modern version aa..
sggp die for another..mmg rse bodo aa psal sggp risk life sndri cinta pnye psal..tpi nh cter je aa..hrp2 in real life x aa kn..sygi dri anda..igt org t'syg klu nk mati pon..
k..b'balek pd yg best sgt psal cter nh..

kt twilight..ed jmpe bella..ed nh bole bce mind ability dier..unfortunately..dier xley bce bella pnye..n at da sme time..bella pnye blood yg pling appealing..sweetest bgi dier..mcm kte as human..kte suke ice-cream mcm2 suke choc..vanilla..vamp certain drh yg diorg suke..xtaw aa plak darah bella nh type pe o.a.pape aa..ed nh sdaye upaye lwn prasan attraction dier towards bella yg lme dh grow kt dri dier..smpi aa satu hari..bella nk kne lggr ngan ed ngan pantasnye lari kt bella nye direction pasth stop van yg nk lggr bella jz ngan tgn dier..bella cm t'kejot aa..tpi senyap jek..xde spe prasan ed slmtkn bella psal cpat sgt xcept bella..
bella nh rse musykil aa..cmner ed kuat giler smpi bole tolak van cm2 dier try tnye ed..ed ckp bella unconscious..dier x sdar..bella deny aa psal dier sndri nmpk..sok ari..ed kte..'it's better we r not frens'..bella bengang aa ngan dier..pas2 ad lgi insiden mlg menimpa bella.ed slmtkn dier..afta th diorg g dinner..ed ckp ' i don't hve the strength to stay away from u anymore',..bella ckp ' then, don't'..tpi bella xtaw dier vamp. lgi..lme2 dier observe ed nh cm plek..cpat..kuat..mte kaler tkar..kulit sjok..then dier bwat research..kantoi aa dier vamp..ed x confess..tpi bella dpt taw sndri..tpi afta bella tnye ed ngaku jelh kn..tpi bella ckp dier x takot..ed soh dier stay away psal ' i'm the world's dangerous predator. i've killed people before'..tpi bella x kesa pon..tu is blind..even blinder if u r in love with someone..not human..adoi..mse th kt hutan..ed ckp.'.everyhing inside me invites u face, my voice, my's like a drug to me..u r like my personal brand of heroine'..psal drh bella dh bwat ed ketagih..dats y dier soh g jaoh..tpi bella still x kesa..ble ed tnye bella ' r u afraid?'..bella ckp ' yes'. ed reply 'good'. bella jwb ' i'm not afraid of u, i'm only afraid of losing u.'waaa..sweet btol!!!mse th aa diorg sme2 confess diorg fall for each other..ed ckp ' and so the lion fall in love with the lamb'...bella ckp ' what a stupid lamb' ed smbg ' what a sick, masochistic lion'..WAAAH..SWEET BTOL..CAIR!!!

pasth..tu jek..nk share dialogue2 yg best..yg len tgok sndri..bce ke..klu bce..bru korg rse btape kosongnye movie th..tpi movie th mmg gmpak aa..tpi klu nk specific..bce aa novel dier..

the cullens family nh actually ank2 diorg sume ank agkt..dr.carlisle foster father..esme mak diorg..n diorg sume 5 adek bradek..emmet..rosalie..alice..jasper..edward..disebabkn diorg nh ank agkt..for sure aa ad feelings w'pon adek bradek emmet n rosalie..jasper n alice..ed jek yg solo..bygkn dier idop sorunk since 1901..smpi skunk..jz tggu
ad satu mlm nh..ed kt umah bella..kt bilek bella aa..pas2 bella tnye

bella: u said rosalie n emmet will get married that..marriage..the same as it is for humans?
ed: yes. i supposed it is much the same.
bella: well, i did wonder..about you and me..someday..
           i don't think that..that.... would be possible for us.
           because it would be too hard for u, if i were that...close?
ed: that's certainly a problem. But that's not what i was thinking of. It's just that u r so soft, so 
      fragile. I hve to mind my actions every moment that we're together so that i won't hurt u. I 
      could kill u quite easily bella, simply by accident. If i was too hasty,..if for one second i wasn't 
      paying enough attention, I could reach out, meaning to touch ur face, and crush ur skull by 
      mistake, U don't realize how incredibly breakable u r. I can never, never afford to lose any
      kind of control when i'm with u.r u scared?
bella: no, i'm fine.
ed: i'm curious now though, have u ever ......?
bella: of course not. I told u i've never felt like this about anyone before, not even close.
ed: i know. it's just that i know other people's thoughts. i know love and lust don't always keep 
      the same company.
bella: they do for me now anyway.
ed: that's nice. we have one thing in common, at least.
bella: ur human's instincts....well, do u find me attractive , in that way, at all?
ed: i may not be human, but i'm a man.

tu aa antare dialogue knt dlm novel twilight..mse bce nh thrill sorunk..visualize conversation nh antre ad ngan bella..sweet btol..sbb th aa kne bli novel nh cz byk bnde kt novel yg movie nh xde..x rugi bli..tu jelh kot nk share..keep supporting the twilight sequel new mo0n..sweet gak novel dier..x saba tggu movie dier release dz jun, july or aug..k..papai..hrp2 dpt mimpi edward cullen..satu mlm pon bole aa..hehe..


  1. sha!! sumpa best gile! waaa. nak tgk!

  2. hahak..tgok aa..
    klu x saba..bli pirates cz pirates dier clear aa..
    tpi klu nk tggu dvd saba aa mac nh..